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Sublime Text Packages for Node.js/JavaScript

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Since I started working on Node.js for an upcoming project, I've become a fan of Sublime Text. It is fast; extensible; has great community support; and most importantly, runs on Linux.

So far, I use Sublime Text exclusively for Node.js and web development (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript). Below, I've compiled a list of packages I found most useful.

As a prerequisite, Package Control needs to be installed. Installing Package Control is a matter of copy-pasting a code snippet to your Sublime Text console. Installation instruction is found here.

Once Package Control is installed, you can start installing other packages by opening the Command Pallete (ctrl+shift+p) and searching for "Install Package".

Without further ado, below are the packages (search for the text in bold):

* Aligns various texts
* Use via ctrl+alt-a
Figure 1a: Alignment (before)
Figure 1b: Alignment (after)
* Highlights brackets, braces, and parentheses.
Figure 2: BracketHighlighter
* Easily write HTML
* Use via ctrl+alt-enter
* For more information on Emmet, check-out this interactive guide.
Figure 3: Emmet
* Adds useful menu items to your sidebar
* Only available for Sublime Text 3
Figure 4: SidebarEnhancements
HTML-CSS-JS Prettify
* Formats HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files
* Use via ctrl+shift+h
* Requires Node.js to be installed
Figure 5a: Prettify (before)
Figure 5b: Prettify (after)
* Highlights trailing spaces
Figure 6: TrailingSpaces
* Highlights lint errors for various file formats.
Figure 7: SublimeLinter
  • For Sublime Text 3, each linter needs to be installed separately:
    • SublimeLinter-jshint (JavaScript)
      • Requires jshint
      • install via "sudo npm install -g jshint"
    • SublimeLinter-html-tidy (HTML)
      • Requires tidy 
      • install via "sudo apt-get install tidy"

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